Do the Big Rocks first

Today, the kids and I conducted an experiment with the jars of rocks.

I placed a bag of stones one by one into a jar. I then asked, “Is the jar full?”

Some kids replied “yes”, some said “no”.

Then I poured a bag of marbles gentlly into the jar, allowing the marbles to slip through the larger stones until they settled at the bottom.

Again, I asked the kids, “Is the jar full?”

The kids replied with uncertainty, “No??”…”Yes??”

Now, I poured a cup of water into the jar. The water filled up the spaces between the stones and the marbles.

“If we have a jar and we fill it with lots of marbles and water first, then there will be no room for the big rocks. But if we put the big rocks in first, and then pour in the little rocks and the water, these things will fit around the big rocks.”

The kids listened to me attentively. They looked at me without blinking their eyes.

The big idea is that you must schedule time for your most important priorities first. If you don’t, you will never get to them.

“Everyone’s jar is different and everyone’s big rocks are different too. The key is to balance, and always make sure that you schedule time of your big rocks. My big rocks are my family, friends and students. If you don’t, you will find yourself wasting your time on the things that are not necessary important.”

What does your jar of rocks look like?

“Daddy and Mummy are my big rocks.” Miss 10

“Food!” Mr. 6

“Friends.” Miss 6

“Jamie, I think you are my marbles!” Miss 7

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