School Students by Day, Business Strategists by Night

by: Sharon Mitchell, Founder and Managing Director of Mayday Mummy

For our family of 4, the dinner table is more than just a place to eat. For several years now, we have taken the opportunity whilst eating tea, to each talk about our day. We call it “Best & Worst” – taking turns to share the best thing that happened during the day, and the worst.


As time went on, we had to create some rules. Worst could no longer be “City Rail and late trains” and best couldn’t be “food in my lunchbox”!

One dinner discussion, in 2011, my “best” thing for the day was being offered a redundancy. It was important we all viewed this as a positive and a wonderful opportunity.

The transition from manager within the corporate financial sector, for 16 years, to entrepreneur, was a fun family affair.

The decision to launch “Mayday Mummy” was collectively made by all 4 family members. My daughters, 10years and 12years old at the time, needed to understand (and agree to) the practical and logistical implications to them. I explained that some mornings I would leave home before sunrise to assist another family, and they would need to make their own lunch and get themselves organised for school.

My youngest, just 10yrs at the time, asked- “Mummy, will you still love life?” This was such a profound question and when I asked her what she meant, her response was “Will you still run and bake”. Long distance running (that I fit into my day by getting up at 3am) and baking, are my two passions. I run and bake every day.

Sharing the successes and challenges of running a small business with the family continues. My children now have a real and meaningful understanding of;

– Various types of marketing (brochure, website etc)

– SEO, Google Analytics (understand and interpret dashboard data, acquisition/referral traffic)

– Social Media – my teenage daughter continues to teach me

– Photo selection – paid royalties vs original images

Discussions are usually in the form of;
– Which photo best represents this situation for the new brochures?
– Guess how many “likes” the Facebook post, with the photo you took, has gained already?

I have learnt that children can create a brilliant “elevator pitch” without effort. If you explain what the business is about, they will automatically tuned into the extraordinary parts of the service/product and forget all the irrelevant fluff.

This has been true for my business. For example, I say….“Mayday Mummy’s most important service differentiation is being available to accept calls from 4am. Children never check their parents’ schedules to see if it is a convenient day to be sick! For working parents, knowing the person you have spoken to, is on their way and is a caring, experienced and intuitive mother is immensely important.”

My daughter says …“Mum gets up at 3am and helps families if they have sick kids who can’t go to school. She’s a bit like Mary Poppins on a sugar high”.

My husband and children motivate, support and inspire me every day. Creating Mayday Mummy has allowed me the most amazing opportunity to assist families at their greatest time of need. I know I have inspired my children to explore new opportunities. Amazing things can be achieved through hard-work, passion and thinking outside the square.

Now, if only I can inspire them to keep their bedrooms tidy!!

Author Bio:

Sharon Mitchell (mother of 2) incorporated her knowledge and skills gained from 16 years working in the corporate financial sector, to launching her own business – Mayday Mummy. A market leader, there is no other service like this in Australia. Families requiring “a mother’s care when you can’t be there” can call Mayday Mummy from 4am.

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  2. Michelle Key

    A fabulous piece written by a very special person. I have used the services of Mayday Mummy when I had a crisis at home, Sharon came over, took control of the house and my 2 little boys and allowed me to be with my husband who had an emergency trip to the hospital. I would highly recommend Sharon to any family who needs an extra pair of hands.

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