Mastering Myself

By Liliane Grace

I’ve always loved to write fictional stories – ever since I was in primary school. When I was eleven I joined a Creative Writing Club and at sixteen I placed an ad in the local paper to start my own.

I grew up hearing some pretty interesting stuff about the mind and human potential from my mother, and as a teenager I started reading her books – books that had titles like The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. This interest stayed with me through my adult years despite the fact that I didn’t feel very effective at using my mind! I was often living in reaction to the events around me rather than as a ‘conscious creator’ of my life.

In fact, I hit a low where my husband and I were on the verge of separation, my kids were squabbling all the time, and I had given up on my dream to be a published author. I was feeling so bad that I became very determined to transform my circumstances. I read lots of personal development books, listened to tapes and CDs in the car, and wrote and declared affirmations. There were three things I would declare aloud while working my dog at the park. They were: “My words and thoughts determine my destiny. I am in charge of my words and thoughts. The faster I change my language to empowering phrases, the faster I transform my life.”

All of this work bore results: my relationship with my husband healed and the feeling in our family began to improve. Years before, when my children were very little, I knew I had wanted to pass on to them some of the empowering ideas I’d grown up with, and I knew in my heart that the whole world of children would benefit from knowing these ideas and principles. In fact, it was when I was reading Harry Potter to my son and watching him and his friends play with cloaks and wands, that my ideas began to crystallise, and I thought, “What if kids knew they could do magic for real?” I began to imagine a girl with an interest in fantasy magic meeting a girl who has been brought up studying the laws of the mind and the universe…

The themes for this novel had been growing at the back of my mind for quite a few years but now they came together and I began to write. Five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams: The Mastery Club – See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible. My own kids loved it and so did the few people who read it to give me feedback, so I started to send the manuscript out to publishers, and they all rejected it. That was very disappointing, but my husband and I believed in my book, and believed that it had a market, so we decided to self-publish.

Imagine our delight when we sold out our first print run of 2000 books in five months! We went back to print and sold the next print run of 3000 books in six months – so we had sold 5000 books in under a year! I was particularly encouraged by the beautiful emails that flowed in from readers of all ages all around the world. Encouraged, I submitted my book to the Independent Book Publisher Awards in 2007… and won a Bronze Medal in the Juvenile Fiction category.


This process in going from a desire to write one empowering novel to now managing a ‘fledgling international organisation’ has been racked with challenges – but we’ll save them for another blog post! In the meantime, I hope you go out and pick up a copy of The Mastery Club, read it, and let me know what you think.

About Lilian Grace

Liliane is an Australian author, writing coach, workshop leader, and speaker. Her award-winning book, The Mastery Club, has been internationally acclaimed and forms the basis of a personal development program for youth.

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