Engineers turn dreams into reality

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s quote that “engineers turn dreams into reality”, the Kids at Switch holiday workshop sought to support kids to develop skills that would help them to be able to realize their dreams. We focused on building practical skills of problem solving alongside life skills of perseverance and teamwork.


One activity we did was “House against the wind”. Drawing from the story of the three little pigs, kids were given the hefty task of building a house strong enough to withstand the power of the big bad hair dryer. As engineers, we planned, used trial and error and taught each other about how to make the most of the materials we were given. Then it was time. The big bad hair dryer huffed and he puffed and he tried to blow the houses down …


But our houses stood strong! They were held up by our skills of problem solving, perseverance and teamwork. And even though some of us were initially scared to put out houses to the test, we mustered our courage to see that our houses could indeed stand against the wind.


We would like to thank parents for partnering with us in our engineering endeavours. Most of all, we would like to thank to the kids for inspiring us with their creativity and character. We look forward to seeing how you dreams turn into reality!


About Kids at SWiTCH

Changing Education through Fearless Innovation.

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